The wealth we have in common

” We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
Planet Earth  consists of seven continents, each having numerous countries, cities and towns; humans belonging to different races, castes, religion and creed reside here, the wealth we have is not common, but the elements of nature is possessed by all and all of us own equal parts of it. The distribution of money differs from place to place  and we often face discrimination in such sectors, but the beauty of nature is equal to all it is just dependent on the viewer’s eyes. Money is constantly earned and lost but natural beauty is imperishable.
God had only made one planet, it was us, humans who divided it. With all aspects of diversity, it is important to be united. being united simply stands for appreciating others faith and values, taking others opinions into consideration, working as a team with no discrimination. Integration is the only means to success and the best way to be united is by following the path of humanity and brotherhood.
The wealth referred to as common here can hold numerous interpretations. Human nature is also wealth, sense f humanity, sensitivity, aid , care and responsibilities are aspects of human nature. Each one of us are made up of the same clay just moulded in a different way, the basic characteristic of all humans remain the same. We own this wealth which is common to us irrespective of our regional and cultural diversity.   Yet we often humiliate each other, forgetting the fact that we are all the same. There is nothing quite like being deep in a forest, completely separated from the touch of mankind. It provides an inexplicable sense of tranquil awareness. The only sounds are those of your own footsteps, the wind, rustling trees and the movements of the creatures who call the wild home. More and more people are shifting to the concrete jungles, it may have beautiful parks, but visiting them is not quite the same as the deeply immersed woods which were destroyed. God has gifted us with nature which we hold in common, over the past few decades humans have been trying to divide this too but their this attempt has abhorrently failed. I am not against progress, it is necessary to proceed but not at the cost of nature. Nature which is the mightiest power on this planet has achieved its success in protecting itself. The elements of nature are equal in all hands, there is no discrimination among the ownership of nature, it belongs to us as a whole and it is our foremost chore to enhance its quality and maintain its beauty. In today’s world where the competition is rising and all of us are constantly grasping opportunities to prove ourselves and our abilities, somewhere deep down, we are losing our touch of humanity. the desire of humanity is suppressed by the desire to succeed. work is always chosen over humanity. Working in a society should embellish our spirit of teamwork and unity; rather its is bringing down integrity and promoting ego, jealousy and hatred. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. One cannot go anywhere with it until he changes it. In our journey to success we forget that people are meant to be loved and handled with care. While focusing on our goals and working towards it, we forget about the people behind us who gave us courage and hope when we lost faith n ourselves. We often forget to appreciate them and their humanity which misleads us to an egoistic person. Success is not counted by our achievements but by our ability to appreciate others achievements. Where some humans are losing themselves, some have successfully raised the flag of unity and humanity. There is a simple religion, where there is no need of temples, complicated philosophies. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple and the philosophy is kindness. All religions teach us the same principles just through different modes.  It teaches us to protect each other; it intensifies the sense of charity and brotherhood. Respecting others is crucial for the welfare of the society. To give respect is to get respect. The golden rule of reciprocation is to do unto others what you would have them to unto you. We first need to destroy our negative vibes, fight against the enemies within us only then will the enemies outside won’t hurt us.
Only when the last tree has died, the last river poisoned and the last fish been caught we will realise that we cannot eat money. Destruction is quicker than constriction. It takes only a few seconds to destroy things be it materialistic or aesthetic, but to build it, centuries are short. In a place where peace and brotherhood are the only means of happiness and developed life, humans are found constantly nagging each other. While moving towards our dreams, we forget that we ae not the only ones existing. We need an environment where the sentiments of each individual are generously accepted and deeply appreciated, where we stand strong as a unit and most importantly, a place where we do not discriminate on basis of the wealth we have in common. The wealth that we have in common is the most powerful weapon and to make best use of it or not lies in our hands. Uniting ourselves and acting as a unifying bond can lead to the accomplishment of such an environment