My Strongest Weapon

Being sensitive is not my weakness it’s my strength. The world often grades them as weak, but trust me to have a soft heart in this world is courage and not weakness. Sensitive people should be treasured because they love deeply, they are loyal honest and true, the simplest of all things means the most to them. They don’t need to change or harden, their purity makes them who they are. They give you excuses when you don’t explain yourself, they accept apologies you don’t give, they see the best in you when you don’t need them to. At your worst they lift you up, even if it means putting their priorities aside. The word ‘busy’ does not exist in their dictionary. They make time even when you don’t. And you wonder why are they the most sensitive, caring and giving without any expecting in return. It’s because they don’t make you work hard or the attention they give you, they accept the love they think they have earned and you accept the love you think you have been entitled to. Let me tell you something, fear the day when a good heart gives up on you, that day you would have failed as a person. Ours skies don’t become grey out of nowhere. Our sunshine does not allow the darkness to take over for no reason and a heart does not turn cold.

Today take a moment and try to figure out which way to go. One day or day one. You decide. The heart which took care of so much, so many, who will take care of that heart?Take this moment to appreciate such people around you. Life may seem really hard to those sensitive people but remember that’s only because you are a filter. you have put through yourself everyone’s darkness and so the darkness inside you weighs you down.